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Tres Amigos conservation actions

Tres Amigos conservation actions

For us at Tres Amigos, reducing the impact of our activity has always been a priority.

1. No more plastic:

3 years ago we stopped using plastic bottled water and all single-use plastic items in all our operations.

At the end, nothing like fresh water out of our wells and springs, right? 

We encourage our guest to bring their own bottles or we provide of one as well.

The water we supply is periodically analyzed and filtered too.

Tres Amigos conservation actions

2. Solar power

We’re proud to announce that our own lodges, Estancia Rio Pelke lodge and Los Plateados  are now operating fully on solar power!

This has given us a great advantage not only counting with electricity 24/7 but also no needing to depend on a generator and, of course, fuel.

This also enables us to have internet service all day and night. 

This is just the beginning as theres more to do and less fossil fuel to be burnt…

3. Organic ingredients

Even thou some of the fruit is brought from different parts of the country, almost all of our produce comes from our greenhouse and from local suppliers.

Same with the meat, as we have the privilege of enjoying world-famous Patagonian lamb from our own estancia and beef from partner farms, making this a sustainable cycle.

Farmed eggs make breakfast taste like heaven!


4. Garbage

We’ve improved the ways for handling wastes for instance by composting to generate less garbage.

Recycling as much as possible but also reusing, as this is the actual key avoiding waste and eventually not needing to recycle as the goal.

In general, waste taken in plastic bags to be moved to a local dumpster is just altogether a thing we do less every year.

Better practices are now a must for conservation.

5. Buy local

“One of the most important thing of buying locally is that it helps the environment by reducing your food miles. By shopping locally, you are purchasing goods produced in your local community. Conversely, when you shop at the grocery store, many of the food items you buy travel over 1500 miles to reach your plate”

For this we’ve partnered with local suppliers and shops and have made long term deals with them to encourage their work: jams, produce, fruit, liquors, meats, etc…


6. Trees

The tradition of 3 generations at Estancia Rio Pelke of planting 50 trees every year is done and meant to continue with the young ones.

In the Patagonian steppe this demands a lot of effort and time. Still this is the greatest tool to compensate Co2 emissions.

Trees provide shade and protection from the wind as well, something thats very appreciated in this part of the planet.

Poplars and willow trees are the most common types of trees as they resist the hard conditions of south Patagonia.

Our latest action is an example of most of what was mentioned before: reduce waste, buy local and organic ingredients. This is Dry fly Pilsen, our locally produced beer in cooperation with Bravas brewery from Río Gallegos. This way we stop buying bottled beer produced in Buenos Aires, thats driven 1700 miles to end up generating more garbage to be processed. 

Dry fly Pilsen:

For sure most travelers that visit Argentina are interested in tasting the famous Malbec as well as other wines produced mainly in Mendoza, San Juan, Salta and Neuquén, but when it comes for summer days and a cold beverage, beer is king!

This is the reason why we worked closely with our good friends from Bravas brewery to get the perfect beer: Light with great taste, made with organic Patagonian hop. 

So don’t miss this and join us for a toast by the river bank under the warm sun of south Patagonia.


For sure a fun project to be involved with, with great result, and one of the many little actions that change the ways done in the past, for a better future. Cheers!
Claudio Martin
Tres Amigos partner
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