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Top 10 favorite clothing items to pack for a sea trout week (a packing list to Las Buitreras)

When thinking about traveling to Patagonia you must be aware that weather can’t be trusted and you must be ready for everything. You’ll visit your favorite river during southern hemisphere’s summer season but as they say “you can have the four seasons in one day”. 

Check out or top ten items to pack when traveling down south – aka “a packing list to Las Buitreras”

#1 Chest-high, breathable Waders (1pair)

Wading the Gallegos is the easiest you will find. Thin gravel bottoms and mil currents lets you focus on your casting and your fishing more than where to step (or not).

You normally find yourself wading knee deep, but the recommended chest-high wader helps for eventual deeper spots or some splashing due to wind gusting.

Not for nothing the Patagonia Rio Gallegos (Zip front wader for a personal choice) is our favorite!

Links: Patagonia Fly Fishing gear

#2 Wading boots (1 pair)

Same as mentioned before, easy wading demands no more than simple boots.

Felt soles or sticky rubber will do just fine. No studs/nails are needed and they are actually disliked by guides as they will spook the fish away, oh yes, stealth mode for wading is a really good idea.

We consider the Gallegos river as one of those rivers you’ll always be able to fish despite of age or anything. More to enjoy!

Link: Patagonia Fly Fishing gear

#3 Rain jacket (1 jacket)

This is a dry part of Patagonia folks and yet you’re suggested to bring a rain jacket. Well, there is a simple explanation: your raincoat will be the best windbreaker here, and the hood will provide coverage as well, under some weather conditions. 

I have leaned on my good-old Patagonia SST for the last few years working perfectly!



Link: Patagonia Fly Fishing gear

#4 Base layer / under waders (2 pairs)

Mid weight under wading pants will be fine but of course it depends on personal preferences. I like to keep a light one as well for the warmer days… no one likes to be hot.

Keep in mind that summer days can be quite warm but often cools down in the evening. Remember also that most times you won’t be asked to wade deeper than your knees as a general rule…

*Patagonia R1 pants are the one in between, having the nano puff pants as the warmer option, or a base capilene layer pant as the lightest. 


#5 Socks (5-6 pairs)

Comfortable mid weights -just like the other layers- are enough. There won’t be long hikes here so don’t need to over prepare in that sense. Again, most times a personal thing.

#6 Cap & Beanie (2 caps for sure)

Warm and Cold. Remember south Patagonia is well known for having the four seasons in the same day. The cap will always work during the day and a beanie will be super comfi in the evenings.

#7 Buff (2 pieces should do)

Don’t forget your buff, mainly one with sun protection. This dry weather can hurt your skin, so better protect it with sunblock but also cover it when possible.

#8 Upper Layers (1 or 2 of each of the following)

Dressing in layers is the key here for what we were saying. So a long sleeve t-shirt, a fishing shirt, and fleece are usually your go-to clothes for every day. 

Our go-to selection has a an R1 top, a Sun Hoody and Shirts light to mid weight.

Big shout out to the Patagonia guys for such phenomenal stuff! #doneinanR1

#9 Nano puff hoody (1 and perhaps a Nano puff vest…)

On top of the upper layers you will like to carry a Nano puff hoody or a Micro puff hoody from our friends at Patagonia. These things are just phenomenal, starting by being packable and weighting only 12.8 ounces, these warm jackets have the best hoods with perfect fit and closure. Warm and cozy this jacket can be used at the city, airport and in the river. 

Simplemente perfecto….

#10 Packs: Backpack, Fanny packs…

A safe pack to carry with your basics around will be useful during your full journey, airports, etc. A dry backpack will be a must for carrying camera gear safely along a river bank. No big deal if its a roll-top or a t-zip pack. You’ll be happy to have it with you.

Extra tip: Never forget to carry (and use!) a good sunblock and sunglasses, perhaps sun gloves too. If smart, and to make it the safest, bring yourself a pair of clear protection glasses for the last hour of fishing. 

Checklist / pack list:

#1 Waders: 1 pair

#2 Wading boots: 1 pair.

#3 Rain jacket: 1 

#4 Base layer / under waders: 2 pairs.

#5 Socks: 3-6+ pairs.

#6 Cap & Beanie: 2 caps for sure, just in case.

#7 Buff: 2 buffs should do.

#8 Upper Layers: couple of each of the ones mentioned. 

#9 Nano puff hoody: 1 and perhaps a Nano puff vest…

#10 Backpack: 1.

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