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SANTA CRUZ Steelhead - 2021 Season Report

SANTA CRUZ Steelhead – 2021 Season Report

With lockdowns over Covid-19 starting in Argentina mid-March 2020, our 2020 season did not happen, as we were basically not even allowed to access the water and fish.

With high expectations from both guests and us, 2021 looked at the beginning like a possible scenario for a “normal” season again, of course followed by all protocols.

Truth is Argentina never opened up for foreign tourists with a massive consequence in the industry, still we had a chance to host some of our Argentine regular clients who had a great time plus stable water conditions all season long.

Now with the vaccination moving forward in the whole world we’re focusing on our next season.

The fishing

As mentioned, river conditions were the most stable in the last few years with a minor drop in the water level as the season was moving on. The lack of rain also helped keeping the river at its best and clear.

Stable water maintained the fishing stable too, without the usual ups and downs along the different weeks.

Cabin improvements

We got good news for 2022, the improvements on the cabin are starting after the winter, adding private bathrooms to the two double rooms and access from the front deck straight to each room.

We already added internet connection so no more needing the sat phone only and it worked really well.

River dams update

Regarding the dams in the river, problems keep affecting the development of the project and the latest has been a number of small earthquakes not contemplated in the environmental impact studies, so this might delay the work for another 3-5 years. Great news for our fellow fishermen and guests as well as all the people fighting to stop them.

Availability for 2022

Because of the what was mentioned before, groups that rolled-over from 2020 to 21 now go to 22, so availability is very limited, still we got a few rods left so get in touch with us for more info:

Here's a brief report on what was going on thru March and April in this special place. Let us know if you got any questions.
Claudio Martin
TAO partner
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