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Route of the Spring Creeks season report 2019

By head guide and manager Juanma

Every season we learn more about our land and waters. This particular season our guests had the chance of scouting with us some new fisheries with all kinds of results. New stunning landscapes and untamed creeks. Its been again a very dry season with low water conditions which made trout very spooky demanding all kinds techniques and approaches (ninja style). Seeing waves on the shallows leaving pools every time you speak loudly or simply step just not smoothly was enough to produce this effect on fish, yeah 15 to 20mts from you. 


“We fished 6 different creeks in a range of two hours’ drive from the lodge. All of them inside private ranches”.

Foam patterns had been the main choice for anglers (Beatles and fat alberts). The biggest brownie reached 25inches while the biggest brookie reached 24 inches (6pds). 

The average size for brownies was 14 inches in very good shape, all caught on dries. Brookies average is more likely 17,5 inches in the main stream we fish for them. Some of the highlights to remember where the very waited “calm days” where some of the creeks showed the real potential of sight cast fly fishing to a very healthy population of brownies and brookies, when this event happens 4 to 5x tippet and 14 to 16 parachute adams and elk caddis with green bodies nail them. Those days gave a dozen fish per session with epic takes. Regular winds allow anyone to cover water without being a super talented caster getting very good results on the surface too.

When chasing brook trout, techniques are completely different. All our guests learn how to move a streamer to make brookies go crazy, and this is another visual kind of fishing. Big brookies on mouse only happens when conditions are right and just before sunset.

Regarding tackle #4 rods and lines were the most frequent choice. A WF format is always the nº1 requirement for the typical regular wind. 

Wildlife has been another highlight for our clients. Numerous families of rheas (Patagonian ostrich), armadillos, foxes and thousands of hares are always a very good excuse to stop the truck and take some pics. Bird life is also very rich and usually flamingos take all the attention from our guests that find them very strange to be in this location.


“Our main goal is that you feel part of the family”

This was a very important season for our main Estancia Río Pelke. We finally achieved a complete sustainable running house with solar energy. Also added internet service 24hs.  

We have taken our organic meals to the maximum available in our cold zone to give our guests a real feeling of Patagonia. Highlights of our menu consisted in fresh lamb in different recipes besides barbecue, green strawberries, brass berry liqueur (10year old) and different kinds of jams for breakfast completely organic. Our selection of wines consisted mainly in Salentein malbecs and cabernets and our Argentinian beers. 

Some of the things that guests say after a week with us has to do with the connection they find with their own past. Smells, recipes or our traditional furniture, many things that wake up all kinds of feelings while staying at the ranch main house. 

“Following the tradition and taking it to a whole new level”. My grandfather had a goal of planting 100 trees a year. Not only that has been an amazing idea 70 years ago but there is another thing that we have changed: Silver poplars are very invasive and they grow everywhere if you don’t manage them, so through the years these trees had been cut to keep gardens nice, but now we let them grow along the ranch creating many square meters silver poplars producing fresh air and capturing carbon, that is our small contribution to our planet.


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