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Estancia Río Pelke: All you need to know.

Estancia Río Pelke, fishing report 2021

We are celebrating season N°8 at Estancia Río Pelke (Spring Creek Route) and despite a virus that stopped the world and changed it forever, we used time to achieve goals we had in mind some time ago.  



Faced with adversity, we decided to increase our stakes, both when it came to finding more places to add to our list of fishing beats, as well as improving the facilities by building new rooms to increase the comfort of our guests. The objective is clear, when we return we will do even better.


Thus, our main objective was to travel and fish sectors that we had never fished and that we knew had the potential. 


There is nothing more beautiful than arriving at a new place, deciphering it and getting good captures.


The essence of this program consists of the very low fishing pressure that makes the quality and abundance of fish more than interesting, emulating the North Patagonia of 50 years ago. All the fishing in these rivers is carried out on foot, in many cases looking for browns that feed on the surface.  


Dry fly fishing was consistent and as always a lot of fun. We had the luxury of fishing with Adams in size 16 and mouse patterns like the “Morrish mouse”, and everything you can think of in between. Beautiful brown trout up to 25 inches, fontinalis up to 23 inches. The most incredible thing about this inhospitable part of the province is that there are many places to go and see. Some of them with stories that have become myths and that we will undoubtedly visit at some point this next season, with a Sage 5wt in hand. 


Film project


One of the achievements of this season was to film and produce a new film where we will not only show these beautiful fishing locations and landscapes but also the protagonists tell the story of these places since the pioneers settled and how each generation managed to populate these solitary and arid lands. In this production we managed to get together the Biott Ariztizabal family with Tres Amigos and we will soon have this production available on our channels. 


Our work goal on climate change


Reducing our carbon footprint remains one of our main goals. We have made progress with great effort to supply ourselves with 100% solar energy at Estancia Río Pelke. The ranch maintains its agricultural activity based on the care of the soil and its pasture. 


We continue without the use of single-use plastics or disposable plastic bottles. We support and carry out actions such as those promoted by the companies that support us such as Patagonia and Yeti.


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