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Jurassic Lake and Glacier King

Jurassic Lake and Glacier King

Monsters of Patagonia, exclusive combi program

Monsters of Patagonia
Unique and limited program


Patagonia is an inexhaustible source of legends and myths. Just 20 years ago no one would have imagined the existence of a remote place with thousands of rainbows that can grow exceptionally large in such a short time. Without a doubt, the largest rainbow trout on the planet are right now swimming freely in Lake Strobel. They are huge, powerful, and in great quantity.  Today, this special place is widely known as Jurassic Lake and has become a legend all over the planet. It is a duty of every fisherman to be able to live such an experience.


Not far away, the next adventure has begun that will give way to new legends and myths: the “other island of Jurassic Park”. Here we have a lake with huge wild salmon and a crystal-clear river that connects it to another lake. This is known as Glacier King and is home to some of the largest salmon left on the planet, where some fortunate anglers have proven to see fish in excess of 90 pounds.


Now, can you imagine a trip to do both destinations in the same trip? We have a special opportunity to search for the largest fish in the world in two unique locations with easy transfers between fishing spots!


We have partnered with Jurassic Lake Lodge to combine both destinations that are connected using the same airport at El Calafate. Our programs are set up to easily transfer between destinations to maximize fishing without losing days and allow you to fish for the two monsters of Patagonia on the same trip.


Stay at the famous 4 star Los Alamos hotel at El Calafate while combining these destinations

Gallery - Las Buitreras 6


Full week

4 days and 3 nights Jurassic Lake + 4 days and 3 nights at Glacier King. 

RATE: 9.000USD


JANUARY 17-21 Jurassic Lake & 22-25 Glacier King (5 rods)

JANUARY 24-28 Jurassic Lake & Glacier King 29-1 FEB (5 rods)

MARCH Jurassic Lake 11-14 & Glacier King 15-18 (7 rods)



2 Full Weeks


7 days and 6 nights in Glacier King + 7 days and 6 nights in Jurassic Lake. 15.000US


JANUARY Glacier King 15-21 & Jurassic Lake 22-28 (2 rods)

JANUARY Jurassic Lake 14-21 & Glacier King 22-28 (5 rods)



**** Hotel Los Alamos (El Calafate) in between destinations.

All the transfers in/out the destinations (from El Calafate)


Food and beverages

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