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In “Reviews from your amigos”: Sage Trout LL 490

Largely awaited, highly anticipated, here’s the revival from this jewel from the mid 80’s with updated technology and materials.

 Sage LL (light line) rods were released in the mid 80’s and became a cult item almost immediately. Rods like the 4711 or the 486 were right away absolute classics, still looked for by many anglers nowadays.

 The slow action, soft traditional trout casting experience achieved at the time on what Sage called their “graphite II” was exceptional.

 In 2019 Sage decided to bring back this classic into a modern market, updating the construction but keeping the feeling, including the classy looking and bringing real high end components.

 If you’re into cars, well, let’s call this the New Bronco. Same excitement and to be honest, no one in their right mind would sell the original. Getting rid of an LL should not be a possibility, still happens and you may find a few around, but mostly 2-pieces of course.

 Visit Sage’s official site for rod detail and pricing HERE

 We focused on the LL 490 as the one for this area and conditions.

 The casting action with this slow-tip-mid-action rod gives all the control you need and works for more than just dry flies, performing fine with anything you need to use as it hides some more muscle in the butt section than the original version.

 The modern materials give the surprising accuracy and loop control and the mid action in the mid and lower parts certainly help in the recovery of the rod.

 We paired it with RIO’s Technical Trout WF for improved presentation and control. Even thou this line has the option of a DT, we went for the WF one because of the extra punch for distance and control.

 RIO lines link: 

 Regarding the fighting action, well, this rod won’t only bend but will -even in the bigger numbers- hold to the thinnest tippets.

Our conclusion

  1. It’s certainly a great opportunity to get hold of a great, fun, modern slow-mid action rod.
  2. Would have enjoyed the add of the 4711 as in the old days, but still the selection made covers it all.
  3. Count on this rod for your next trip to Patagonia!

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