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Glacier King, the new river

Glacier King, the new river

Glacier King adds a new river

The younger brother of Rio Caterina


This new Estancia is a hidden treasure in South Patagonia. Only 3 hours and a half from El Calafate, this place combines accommodation of excellent quality and taste, two well-marked environments of plateau and mountains with Andean forest, and a stable run of Chinook salmon in a small river in the Cordillera that meanders through the high canyons to flow into Lake Viedma.


First Encounters!!


A few years ago Tres Amigos Outfitters began to explore different rivers in the region since the discovery Caterina River (which was the first stable colony of Chinooks). There are similar rivers nearby and it was not a surprise to find that salmon were beginning to colonize different environments. This river was no exception. Sebastián, owner of the ranch and a very good friend, confirmed the presence of salmon. There we began the first explorations and knowledge of the river, from top to bottom for the last 5 years.


The most seductive thing about this place is the ease of covering its waters with flies since its depth rarely exceeds 2 meters. Swinging flies with scagit and t14 lines at good speeds with many chances of bites and captures at all times. Although it is a changing river due to the influence of the rains that occur in the Cordillera that is only 30km away, it maintains a stability in its structure without growing abruptly, only getting dirty and cleaning itself in a short time.


Some reports:


In the last 2 seasons some friends, fishermen and adventurous clients have come to this place and the results have gone from minor to major. This past season surprisingly consistent catches were achieved over the course of two months, indicating that the run of chinooks is growing. In addition, catch sizes began to increase over the years. The amazing quality of some of these catches gives us the parameter of the speed with which they go up the Santa Cruz river and the different tributaries to reach this place.


“One of the dream fishing days resulted in more than 16 catches on the same day, something out of the ordinary for this species.”


This new program will be available for 2023/24 with half week and full week possibilities.



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