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Fish more effectively – 3 tips for Gallegos

For those seeking for answers and ready to take the next step in covering the water more effectively, here’s our top 3 tips for you. Enjoy!

Must 3 tips / Gallegos

1- Try to stay close to the bank and avoid wading as much as possible.

Sea trout are extremely shy and will notice your presence of wading deeper than you should, make noise, cast your line of top of them, etc… In this case staying close to the bank is a must, as much as not making noise when working your way down river.

2- A downstream cast is the safest way to make sure you fly goes first. 

If the fish see the line, it won’t help you chances to catch them, and/or the fly works downriver following a belly made with the line, again, they won’t take. Making sure your fly goes first is a must and casting downstream is the key. Putting tension in the line soon enough helps having the fly being pulled correctly against the current.

3- Two steps at a time. A dynamic way to fish and cover water efficiently. If worth it, go thru again with a different line or fly. 

Its proven that repeating the angle and distance helps you cover a pool effectively. Do it like that and make two steps at a time to cover every meter of the stretch. If not satisfied with the result, its better to go again with something different, maybe the casting distance or angle, maybe the sink tip of fly, but cover it again fairly quick.

And remember, you’re not looking for fish, you’re looking for ACTIVE fish.

Like in this video featuring @pollocoscia going thru Cojedero in Beat 2 of #lasbuitreras 

You can see him standing knee deep, but also casting a long line downstream. That’s as far out as  wade and anytime you can avoid it, it pays off! 

Keeping this in mind while fishing Gallegos will make a difference and you'll see the result... Cheers!
Pollo Coscia
TAO Crew

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