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Final Teaser on "Beyond Estancia", the Rio Pelke film project

Final Teaser on “Beyond Estancia”, the Rio Pelke film project

*beyond estancia*

This is our final teaser of an amazing film project that that has been so moving for us.

Telling a story about our families, our places and us is something that gets under your skin, exploring how a newer generation saw potencial in sport fishing and tourism as a way of living that connects to the same principles of farming: respect for nature, life, and traditions.

Full film to be presented soon. Don’t miss it!

As always, grateful to the people that supports us: Fly Water Travel, Patagonia, Sage Fly Fish and Yeti

"We have created a trout program that goes beyond the typical lodge experience, part of what we aim to show thru this video."
Juan Manuel Biott
TAO partner
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