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Dry fly Pilsen, Tres Amigos own beer for the upcoming season!

Dry fly Pilsen, Tres Amigos own beer for the upcoming season!

Flyfishing, riverside summer days and cold beer is for many of us part of the same thing, a perfect combination!

It all started when considering a way to improve some of the many things that can be improved. When trying to take our supply chain as much as possible into the “buy local” concept, beer was one of the first things to begin with.

How it normally was...

If you think about what you normally do and why you do it, most times its “just because it was done this way”…

We figured this could be improved. 

Buying bottled beer produced in Buenos Aires province, to be driven by truck over 1700 miles to the city of Río Gallegos, to be taken to our lodges afterwards, well, it just doesn’t feel right.

Rethinking it: buy local.

A better way indeed. We partnered up with Bravas, a local brewery that was able to get exactly the product we wanted, producing it locally in Río Gallegos with organic patagonian hop.

Draft to avoid trash

Of course cans and bottles can be recycled, but even better than that is reusing. By offering draft beer in our lodges all we use is 20lt barrels that are refilled in the brewery avoiding all trash in the process.

Waiting for you to try it in your next trip with us. Salud!
Claudio Martin
Tres Amigos partner
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