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Choosing the right Spey rod for Las Buitreras

For fisherman and casting lovers (aren’t we all a part of both?).

We love our casting as much as our fishing but lets talk about choosing the right fly rod for the Rio Gallegos.

In that sense, we’ll go thru some of the main topics to consider in this area -full of options nowadays- where we can find the spot-on rod.



#1 The rod number / rod weight

#2 Rod lenght

#3 Action

#1 Rod Weight (number)

You don’t want to go to big or to small right?

Well, here too big would mean a strong stick that could / might help with casting distance, but the negative side is huge: big powerful rods can’t handle thin tippet so it would limit the use of it in normal and low water days as sea trout are leader shy and you gotta go thin in tippet diameter to connect.

Going small would not really provide of the distance or line control needed.

Having said that, we normally suggest anglers to use 7 and 8 weight rods.

#2 Rod length

Again, lets use the same method. A too-long rod would be a 14′-15′. Non friendly for windy days guys…

Short ones might not -again- provide of all the benefits of a Spey rod. Still prefer short to long!

Just because of this we like to use 11’6” to 12’6” mainly, where a 12 footer does it all.

#3 Rod action

Certainly by following the past two topics, you’ll figure this one out, so not too slow and not too stiff! 

Let’s get more accurate thou, let’s think of a mid fast action as the best all round one, as wind is normal and the faster rods make it easier to cast, but if considering the use of lighter tippets -again- you realize you shouldn’t go too fast.

The slow rods might nor perform at its best with a stronger breeze… 

We’ve been using some of Sage X double handers, like the 7130 and 8120 and both perform really well in this river, under this conditions and for these fish.

"A topic to write about for days, but here are some of the main topics, so if you got any questions leave us a comment. Cheers!"
Claudio Martin
Tres Amigos crew

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