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Choosing the right Spey line (Río Gallegos)

We leave you guys here a short video on how to pick up the right line for Río Gallegos sea trout, and most important, why…

Here’s the main principles you need to follow to get to it. Short head, Scandi type, longer/thinner front taper. Thats what provides of the presentation you need…

Also the best running line for the place; see the rest right here!

Now if you wanna know a little bit more about leader and tippet, heres the next clip.

Notice the use of diameter instead of pound test resistance as sea trout ARE leader shy.

Hope you've find this information useful. This makes a difference if visiting Las Buitreras / Rio Gallegos mainly but will apply in some of the other sea trout rivers in Patagonia.
Claudio Martin
Tres Amigos crew

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