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Borders opening – Update Sept. 9th

A light at the end of the tunnel...

Finally we are starting to get positive news regarding the current situation of Argentinas borders, closed to foreign tourism since March 20th 2020.

As the number of vaccine doses keep arriving to the country and the distribution speeding up, Argentina is one step closer to the governments expectations of vaccinated number of citizens for the awaited opening.

This morning news on Tourism Secretary Matias Lammens mentioning possible dates for the opening are exactly what this industry is needing.

Check the news from local news site (text in Spanish):

During this press conference Mr Lammens confirmed the intention on the opening for the last quarter of the year, and the possible dates would be around the end of October and beginning of November, being a full vaccination certificate and a 72hs prior-to-flight negative PCR test the requirements to visit Argentina.

On the downside it’s mentioned that at the beginning citizens of some countries with larger number of cases might not be allowed in.

Still some weeks to go and this information will be developing and hopefully announced officially. 

Also an interesting article was published recently (9/5) in the New York Times on the state of the Covid pandemic in South America that shows the improvement and drop in the numbers of cases and deaths.

Check the full article following the link below:

"Hoping for the official announcement to be done in the next weeks, the plan for opening back the borders will arrive together with the start of the fishing season in Patagonia"
Claudio Martin
TAO partner
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