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Beginning of the season 2021 in Las Buitreras / A message of hope

Solid Adventures “Las Buitreras” lodge is certainly one of the top sea trout lodges of Patagonia. Located in the estancia with the same name in the middle stretch of Gallegos river, it’s been an icon since 2001 and home for anglers seeking for a great experience while chasing this unique fish.

With a regular season beginning late December every year, it’s not necessary to say this one has been the odd one… groups repeating for more than 15 years felt strongly the lack of their usual fishing trip to Patagonia. The sadness on both sides contrasts with the kind messages of love and hope for the whole staff limited to work this year and while the pandemic that keeps ruling the every-day rules for all of us. For Tres Amigos Outfitters managing the operation, it’s been important to continue the work together with Solid Adventures to guarantee a great season in 2022. Regarding the fishery, and with absolutely no fishing pressure we were able to whiteness the full potential of this rested river, fish migration and behavior, and get to do some fishing too. Stretches like beat 2 were extremely productive, mainly from Goat to Island Stream, and some pools like C-Pool in beat 1 had been a show of surface action. The usual setups have been working fine, with intermediate tips and working the depth simply by varying from a lighter to heavier fly. Amongst the most best ones we’ve found black stonefly patterns (rubber legs and gold bead head) to trick them most times. The sizes used were mainly #8 and it hasn’t been necessary to drop to smaller sizes so far. The Sunray Shadow style of flies have been doing their part too. Lamprey, a pattern developed by us that imitates -as the name says- a small river lamprey has given us some joy! How to fish it? The fly carries behind the wing a cone head that makes it work only an inch or two under the surface. The speed and length of the strips also imitates the swimming of this species, so making longer pulls and varying speeds is the key. The explosive takes show how much sea trout like them! By the way, if you want to learn more about this fly, check out our post on the Lamprey right here Sage’s X 8120 and 7126 have been the go-to rods for us. Spectrum reel and Spey reel in each, and Rio Scandi short versi tip lines. Now back to the water, the river conditions in a summer that promised good water level after a strong winter wasn’t quite like that but even thou the summer level was starting to get close to low, pulses of water have been keeping it just right for the whole of the first month, every 5-8 days. What to expect for February? Now the sea trout migration continues, and fresh fish keep coming in together with higher temperatures along southern hemisphere’s summer. Solid Adventures and Tres Amigos has been working with the guides team for the last years in keeping fish under the water all the time, trying to expose sea trout little-to-non to air / outside the water. We recommend this practice to all anglers. Keep following us for more updates on the fishery and a lot more action! 2022 will be a special year not only for being able to host back groups coming for years but also for the celebration of 20 years running straight with a river that will be rested by then for 21 months straight!!!! Don’t miss it!!!

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